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The Light

The Light


The Light has two elongated LED panels perfect for lashing clients, applying makeup, or illuminating clients and yourself for the perfect photo. When applying extensions, this vivid light is excellent for seeing all the baby lashes you might not have been able to see before, which will help you enhance the look and density of your lash sets.

During separation, switch to the brightest setting to assist you in seeing all your clients lashes and to help find any lashes that may be stuck together, leaving no lash left behind. Both adjustable arms consist of 96 LED lights measuring 12 inches (30.5 cm), totaling 192 LED lights to create a large shadow-free, beautiful illumination. Turn it on and off with the remote control or at the switch box by simply touching the sides. Set the tone and mood by setting it to one of the five brightness light levels. Make working easier and step up your images with the Light.

The two adjustable poles make it easy to shorten and heighten to fit most bed heights and types. When arms are fully tall and upright, the height reaches as tall as 83 inches (211cm) and as low as 50 inches (127cm). When arms are positioned for lashing, height clearance reaches as high as 65 inches (154cm) and as low as 32 inches (81cm). The base is extra sturdy and can extend to 26.5 inches (67cm) in diameter.

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