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Ever wish you could speed up the drying time of the Fume Free Sensitive adhesive? Well now you can with this little hand-held gadget. The miniMr releases a soft, superfine mist of water into the air. This will help speed up the setting and curing process of our moisture-reactant adhesives. A small sweep of this super fine mist will allow you to work away at a good speed without compromising the quality of your work.
If you work in a dry environment and the High Speed Platinum Bond isn’t drying fast enough to secure your perfect American Volume fans to the natural lash – worry no more, you have the miniMr. A dash of fine mist will keep the High Speed setting in time for your fans to be wonderfully placed and held tight.
Do you ever wish you had a superfine mist of water to set the adhesive at the end of the service but you’re a mobile lash artist and the airNova is too heavy? Wish no further than the miniMr.

This hand-held little wonder will come to the rescue more times than you can imagine. There are no AA or AAA batteries to worry about but rather a powerful rechargeable battery that will last ages between charging. Don’t worry, the charging cable in included and is super thin and small.

There is a mini water bottle included to help add water to the back of the miniMr – the small water tank in the back will hold more water than you think meaning it will go days before you need to refill it. Pro Tip – make sure to keep the plastic tap off the back of the miniMr each night so fresh air can circulate inside the tank reducing any stale water scent.

Your new best mate will be kept safe and secure when out and about due to the soft pouch. When not in use, empty the water from the back and store safely in the soft coverings of the mini bag. Place in your lash case or beauty trolley until your need for the miniMr arises again. You might use it so often its never more than arms reach away, mine isn’t!

The three different ultra-fine mist settings are
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