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Discovery Kit/American Volume

Discovery Kit/American Volume


non-certified artists!

This is an excellent way to try NovaLash products without being certified in NovaLash. You must be licensed! We allow this one-time purchase for new artists that want to become NovaLash Certified ($200off coupon for in kit)


From the most experienced, and most awarded lash extension company in the world comes our new NovaLash Discovery Kits. The NovaLash Discovery Kits provide aspiring or the existing lash artists with the opportunity to try our award-winning solutions, enabling them to do their job effectively at a minimal cost before enrolling in one of NovaLash’s state-of-the-art courses. The kits consists of solutions that are formulated and manufactured to work together as a complete system, (rather than mixing and matching products from multiple brands), and ensures that each individual solution synergistically enhances the effectiveness of all other products in the system. The artist will get better results such as longer lasting, safer, more comfortable and more attractive extensions for their clients. Trying our award-winning kits is the start for any aspiring or existing lash artist to create an excellent reputation as well as better client retention and reduces the risk of losing customers due to poor results from using harmful and ineffective products from unsafe Chinese factories.


Contains NovaLash’s award-winning, best-selling products.

Over 40% savings on products or over 50% savings including class voucher

Receive $200 credit towards future NovaLash training.

Purchase our award-winning solutions before getting certified.

Products are safety-tested and proven non-toxic.


Lash artists do not have to wait months to order our award-winning solutions.

Allows lash artists to experience NovaLash best-in-class retention with a low, upfront investment.

Products in kit were specifically designed to work together as a complete system for safe and effective results.

Lash artists and consumers are not at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

Enroll in one of our industry-best trainings at a huge discount to learn NovaLash’s signature techniques.


Order NovaLash’s award-winning products immediately with no barriers.

Order conveniently and efficiently with one-stop-shop ordering.

Increase your retention —more than double competitor retention reducing unnecessary touch-ups appointments and giving you more time to take on new customers.

Increase knowledge and skill-set when you decide to take one of our courses by learning techniques that save time, reduce risk of harm or damage, and increase retention.

Lash with confidence, and peace of mind knowing you are not putting yourself or your clients at risk of developing unnecessary health conditions.

Increase your reputation, customer loyalty, customer referrals, and income by using products that deliver industry best retention and protect you and your client’s health.

Market yourself ethically – You have the ability to market yourself as a lash artist with high ethical standards as you use solutions that have undergone strict purity and toxicity testing and lash retention testing.

  • List of Items in Kit

    American Volume Kit — $560 Value

    • 1 full-sized Platinum Bond Adhesive
    • 7 sets of non-stick Under-Eye Stickers
    • 3 sets of non-slip Gel Patches
    • $50 retail After-Care Kit with full-size cleansing conditioner pads and 1 full-sized touch-up Mascara
    • 1 Dumont, Swiss-made electron microscope micro-tip curved forceps
    • 1 full sheet of adhesive-compatible Parafilm
    • 1 full-size of the finest American Volume Lashes (c-curl .07 x 14mm lash tray)
    • $200 LASHcash towards any NovaLash USA certification class
  • non-certified

    This is an excellent way to try NovaLash products without being certified in NovaLash. You must be licensed! We allow this one-time purchase for new artists that want to become NovaLash Certified ($200 off coupon in kit for class)

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