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Platinum Bond Adhesive 5gr

Platinum Bond Adhesive 5gr


The Adhesive You Can Depend On!
Keep your clients coming back for more with NovaLash’s patent-pending Platinum Bond Adhesive! NovaLash has created a solution to the most common problem with eyelash extensions -- longevity and wear. NovaLash’s Platinum Bond adhesive has the strongest hold available for eyelash extensions on the market today With NovaLash Platinum Bond Adhesive, your clients will only require touch-ups every 4 weeks, instead of the average 2 weeks other adhesives provide. Platinum Bond has revolutionized the eyelash extension industry by providing the longest hold time, flexibility, and a dark, lush, lash line for the client. Your clients will adore their luscious lashes, and toss their mascara wands for good!

Only NovaLash Certified Lash Stylists May Purchase These Products




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