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autoFAN mix Camellia CCurl 7-12mm

autoFAN mix Camellia CCurl 7-12mm


Be bold, yet graceful with NovaLash’s London Volume extensions that are dark, dense, and fluffy. The London Volume look is captivating with its extravagant, dark lash line and various elongating, graceful lengths. Be outstanding, be royal with London Volume Lashes. Reduce the application time of your volume lash sets with NovaLash’s London Volume autoFAN mix camelia extensions. This autoFAN technology makes it extremely easy to make up to 15D fans with the .03 extensions, up to 8D fans with the .05 extensions, and up to 6D with the .07 extensions. The camelia design creates customized looks with multiple lengths per fan. Each row includes three different lengths, giving your lashes a more natural look. Contains a substantial amount of extensions compared to other trays to create a fuller look and lash more clients. Designed to come off the strip easily without any adhesive residue. These unique lashes allow you to make exquisite fans in less time than traditional methods.



• autoFAN technology makes creating customized fans extremely easy • camelia design features three different lengths per row • Soft and lightweight dark black extensions • Available in C and D-curl and in .03, .05 and .07 diameters • 12 rows per box 4 rows – 7, 8, 9mm 4 rows – 9, 10, 11mm 4 rows – 10, 11, 12mm


• Each fan contains multiple lengths to reduce application time • Adds more length variations for a naturally glamorous look • Make up to 15D fans with the .03 extensions • Can be incorporated with American Volume and novaMINX sets • Easily remove fans from the strip without any adhesive residue • Automatically creates big, full, fluffy fans • Retains shape when wet

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