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Using the Aura™, learn the minimum and maximum temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius of the last 24 hours in your workroom. Track the moisture levels so you can maintain the optimal atmosphere in your salon and speed up your lashing time. The Aura is the must-have tool to assist in balancing the temperature and humidity levels for your Platinum™ Bond adhesive so it can dry and cure optimally. High levels of moisture cure the adhesive faster, and low levels of moisture can slow the curing process and keep the adhesive thinner.

Low and Slow

Work slower with lower levels of humidity.

High and Dry

High humidity levels cause Platinum Bond adhesive to cure. Work faster with higher levels of humidity

With the Aura™, you have the power to know the atmosphere you work in. It allows you to work smarter with Platinum™ Bond adhesives. Now you have the ability to adjust your working conditions. Get to know your Aura.

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